• User needs to sync his contacts (in Android or IOS app) or invite/refer his friends using referral code.
  • For contacts synced, there is no need for the friend to put referral code at the time of sign up, the referrer & contact both will automatically get the benefit when the friend makes a purchase.
  • For invite via referral codes - Friend needs to install android/ios app and at first app launch, use referral code while entering mobile number in app for mobile verification
  • This program is only applicable if friend is a new customer for Onlineoptical.
  • Friend's contact no. will be mapped with phone number for order tracking.
  • Phone number used by friend while placing order should match phone number in your address book when you sync contacts.
  • Orders can be placed online or offline via stores.
  • Referred friend should place an order with final value of Rs 200 or above.
  • Orders placed after 1 month from referral invite date is not eligible for any kind of cashback.
  • Phone number used to refer friends should be same as phone number of existing Onlineoptical wallet account in app to get the credit.
  • First priority will be referral code, then contact sync.
  • Any order cancelled/returned will be treated as old customer only.
  • Onlineoptical can send special personalized offers to the referrer & contacts synced. For details of privacy policy, please check below.

Privacy Policy for Connect and Earn 

  1. For the purpose of the offer, any data shared with Onlineoptical will only be used to refer the Onlineoptical's services to the contacts available on the Customer's device, upon such Customer according express permission to Onlineoptical to access its phone directory. By way of such express permission, the Customer allows Onlineoptical to send referrals to contacts on such Customer's phonebook for usage of Onlineoptical app. Customer agrees that Onlineoptical, in accordance with the Privacy Policy, may collect and use technical data such as its IP address, device ID, usage data and related information, including but not limited to technical information about the mobile device, system and application software, and peripherals, that is gathered periodically to facilitate the provision of software updates, product support and other services to the Customer related to the Onlineoptical App. Customer further agrees and guarantees that, on its acceptance to participate in the offer, it has expressly consented to Onlineoptical to collect, use and share certain information regarding the contacts contained in Customer device's phone book ("Contact Information") with other users in accordance with the Privacy Policy in order to provide the benefits of the offer. Customer expressly acknowledge and agree that in order to avail the offer and to enable Onlineoptical to provide the benefits thereunder, Onlineoptical may periodically access the Contact Information to find and keep track of mobile phone numbers and other information of other users of the offer. By allowing Contact Information to be collected, customer give Onlineoptical a right to use that Contact Information and guarantees that it has any and all permissions required to share such Contact Information with Onlineoptical. Customer retains the right to opt-out to prevent the sharing of Contact Information at any time.
  2. Upon Customer's consent, the Customer's Contact Information shall be synced with Onlineoptical's mobile application. Post such sync, the Customer would be able to view its contact list on the Onlineoptical App- whether such contacts are 'existing registered Onlineoptical Customers' or not. In case any of the contacts are not registered, the Customer shall have the option of inviting such contacts to use the Onlineoptical App.
  3. Customer's right to avail the benefits under the Offer shall continue until such time that Onlineoptical, at its sole discretion and without the obligation of a notice, terminates the offer. The Customer may terminate these at any time by uninstalling the Onlineoptical App. These Terms will automatically terminate if Customer fails substantially to comply with them. Upon termination by Customer, or by Onlineoptical due to Customer's breach of these terms, Customer may not be entitles to any outstanding benefits of the offer. These terms and conditions must be read in conjunction with the other terms and conditions of the usage of the Onlineoptical App and/or Onlineoptical's website available at


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